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People rebuilding

The Hands for Nature Project

Our Organization

The Hands for Nature Project was created by Kamya and Aleesha Kumar, two students who strive to create an impactful difference on the globe. The Hands for Nature Project supports a growing movement to benefit the jeopardizing outcomes of natural disasters and human efforts on this beautiful globe. The nonprofit organization was built on the belief that society can become a collective drive that can change the world. Through this Hands for Nature initiative, we are able to hold on to the roots of beauty the world has provided together, hand in hand.

Our Mission

The globe is currently in a fragile state, as a whirlwind of difficulties swarm around its environments, beauties, and ecosystems. Watching our green globe slowly dwindle down a path of difficulties fueled the initiation of this organization, as Kamya and Aleesha Kumar understood the severity of these human and environmental impacts and its influence on Earth. The Hands for Nature Project is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that individuals within our community can be a force for good and that the actions we take, together, have the power to change the world. We strive to target aspects of this globe that are in a jeopardizing state. The Hands for Nature Project helps to aid and assist the globe, hand in hand. One small action can create a great impact.

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