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Our Initiatives

Helping Nature's Beautiful Lands

Pollution is a global issue that has resulted in many negative outcomes. In fact, pollution has progressively destroyed the environment animals live in, caused diseases and cancers in humans and wildlife, and destroyed and intoxicated the air we breathe and the atmosphere that protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Because of the impacts pollution has made on our beautiful lands, The Hands for Nature Project upholds the initiative to contribute towards the development of a ‘green environment’ that minimizes the presence of pollution and strengthens the ecosystems.

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Preserving the Oceans

Oceans have gained much recognition for its beauty, extensive coverage of the Earth, and phenomenal creatures. However, their natural habitat and members are being harmed due to the impact of plastic. In fact, every year, plastic within the ocean kills an estimated 100,000 marine animals. Because of the extreme conditions of the ocean, The Hands for Nature Project advocates recycling to reduce the plastics within the ocean that jeopardize the safety of their beautiful animals. 

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Assisting Individuals 

During Natural Disasters 

When natural disasters strike, they often cause personal and financial difficulty for both individuals and communities and can potentially result in the loss of one's life. With the lack of food, shelter, and day-to-day materials that are extremely vital, it is difficult for families and individuals to sustain themselves in the harsh conditions they were brought into. Because of the extreme conditions individuals encounter due to natural disasters, The Hands for Nature Project makes continual efforts to provide materials, including food, water, and blankets in order to aid the needs of families many

across the globe. 

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Donate for a Cause 

It is so important for us, as members of society, to recognize occurrences of the globe that are experiencing difficulties. Collecting donations is one of the most significant aspects that has the ability to impact these occurrences, as it can provide much for communities and environments. In the hope of bringing awareness and benefitting the globe, we highly encourage you to donate to larger organizations that assist in these causes. Every penny counts. 

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