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Our Impact: Oceans

As oceans across the globe are enduring harsh conditions due to pollution, The Hands for Nature Project will be taking action to benefit the ocean by initiating various efforts. 

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Repurposing Art Gallery

The Repurposing Art Gallery increases students' awareness of our oceans through artistic means. On March 25, 2023, Westlake Academy's STEAM Council created sculptures using recyclable matter to represent endangered species and habitats. This interactive opportunity allowed students to truly recognize the wonders found through repurposing, as well as understand our oceans and the primary cause of pollution that imbalances them. The club president, vice president, and officers shared their pieces with young students and parents on Fine Arts Day and collected donations. 


Donating to Organizations

The ocean is in a progressively intoxicating state, and needs our efforts to slowly reduce the pollution that is occurring. Many animals and environments are negatively impacted due to society’s obliviousness towards the impacts pollution can have on the marine environment. In order to raise awareness and leave an impactful footprint on the globe, The Hands for Nature Project highly encourages individuals to donate towards larger foundations in order to benefit the ocean. Every penny makes a great difference. 

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