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Assisting Individuals During
Natural Disasters

The Earth’s natural disasters significantly jeopardize the development and structure of society within various regions of the world. The aftermath of the life-threatening occurrences presented has greatly impacted individuals. The various forms of natural disasters that affect the stability of individuals include winter storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and wildfires. The critical conditions of the weather, which occur sporadically and seasonally, cause instability within the societal and economic sectors of the region. 

Forest Fire

Due to minimal necessities and opportunities that can allow individuals to supply their needs after the natural disaster, general health concerns arise which jeopardize one’s stability. The loss of general infrastructure and hygiene influence the uprising of communicable diseases, which may be eradicated through the utilization of vaccinations to restore the individual’s well-being. Individuals who are subjected to chronic medical conditions are greatly vulnerable towards infections and poisonings that may additionally result in further medical complications. For instance, after the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina, it is statistically shown that 14% of the visits to the emergency department were due to the concerns brought from the chronic medical conditions of an individual. Approximately 30% of the individuals acquired immediate attention, which is considered a greater amount than the average percentage. In addition, financial instability is present in the aftermath of a natural disaster, as the destruction caused by the influences of nature causes deconstruction of infrastructure developed in the area. The destruction results in a minimal amount of money being obtained from the occupation, causing individuals to immensely suffer to accumulate a sufficient amount of money to stabilize their lifestyle and family. With this understanding, the influences of Earth’s natural disasters can negatively influence the balance within the societal and economic sectors of society. 


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