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Helping Nature's Beautiful Lands

The beautiful lands present within Earth are prominent aspects of the globe. Trees continually repopulate and replenish the oxygen supply of the Earth, supply vital crops and herbs that can be transformed into medicine, as well as provide shelter and sustainability to many animals. However, the relationship between society and the environment has negatively altered the stability of the trees and lands due to pollution.

Forest Trees

Humans are dependent upon the trees and lands because it provides us with crucial products and resources needed within our everyday life. The lands' incredible biodiversity is essential for the well-being of the globe and those within it because it assists in the regulation of the climate and provides humans with critical necessities, including medicine. Additionally, it provides a notable quantity of oxygen that sustains an abundance of organisms for survival. However, for the past twenty years, lands around the globe have been increasingly threatened by several components caused by human forces. Factors such as the acceleration of pollution has severely intoxicated the ecosystem's condition. Not only does the diminishment of nature affect the climate and ecological condition of the world, but the lives of its astonishing animals and plants are increasingly being endangered and threatened. Blameless creatures are losing their lives due to the unkept actions and decisions made by humans. Millions of trees are dying annually due to pollution, which is greatly devastating. If the implementations of the negative factors continue, the well-being of nature is at great risk, as the amount of trees is progressively declining annually. 


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